Nursery/Schools PTA Fundraising Programme

Raise money and spread the Weekend Box love within your school or nursery!

How it works


Join now to register your Nursery/School to the fundraising programme.

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We create your Nursery/School's unique code, link and personalised resources for you.

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Now it’s over to you to share your nursery/school’s code so they can earn rewards

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Share the sweet taste of Weekend Box and earn money for your Nursery or School

We decided to create our Schools & Nursery's fundraising programme to help give back to local communities as well as to spread creativity and inspiration throughout the country.

Joining the programme is really easy, we'll create lots of resources for you to use. You'll also get exclusive access to new offers and promotions to help raise even more money for your school or nursery.

Once you've registered your school or nursery, start sharing the unique code with your friends & family! We will donate a fixed amount for every new Weekend Box account as well as an on-going donation for every box they receive.

Donation Amounts

Action Donation Amount (£)
Initial Signup 2.50
Subsequent Boxes 0.25 per box sold
You share your code with your PTA WhatsApp Group and 50 parents sign up, who then each stay subscribed for 12 subsequent boxes.

Initial Signup Donation:
50 Signups x £2.50 = £125.00

Subsequent Boxes:
50 Signups x 12 Boxes = 600 Boxes
600 Boxes x £0.25 = £150.00

Total Donation: £275.00
Any questions? We're here to help - you can email us at're open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday)

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