Can you Use Amazon Gift Card for Audible? Quick Facts

Can you use Amazon gift card for Audible? Considering that Audible is an Amazon company, many people interested in the service want to know if that is possible.

Unfortunately, Audible does not support Amazon gift cards as of now. Instead, you must pay for a subscription with a common payment method.

Perhaps you saw some article mentioning an Amazon Store Card or something similar. In that case, you want to know if that is the same as an Amazon Gift Card. The article below will answer that and much more.

Can you Use Amazon Gift Card for Audible? Quick Facts

Since Audible is an Amazon company (as stated on its logo), many people ask: can you use an amazon gift card for audible?

This article aims at clearing any doubts about the matter. First, we will cover what you can do with Amazon gift cards and what sort of payments Audible accepts. That way, you will learn whether the Amazon gift cards work to pay for Audible.

All About Amazon Gift Card

You may use your Amazon Gift Card to purchase any qualifying goods offered by Amazon or one of its merchant partners. You may get them in the mail, in an email, or by passing out a link to a digital version.

An Amazon Gift Card is a prepaid gift voucher. It is an excellent way to gift someone when you don’t know what they want. No one will get disappointed by being presented with it.

How To Acquire An Amazon Gift Card

Buying an Amazon gift card online from Amazon is the most convenient method since you can choose to have the card sent to the receiver, printed out, or given as an electronic card.

If you select the print-at-home version, you may choose from predetermined sums of $15, $20, $25, $50, $75, and $100, or input any dollar number you’d like down to $5. You can also buy the cards on Amazon in adorable holiday-themed tins.

Suppose you’d want to go more particular with your present. In that case, Amazon also sells gift cards to a wide variety of other stores and brands, such as Apple, Sephora, Starbucks, Nordstrom, and many more.

You may send each in whatever denomination you choose, which will be sent to the recipient’s mailbox.

At some physical retail stores, you can also find Amazon Gift Cards. Places like Best Buy and 7-Eleven sell them. Target and Walmart don’t sell them, though.

How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards may be redeemed with little hassle. You can either add the funds to your account or enter the gift card code at checkout. In addition, a customer’s Amazon Pay balance will be updated instantly once they add a gift card to their account.

Select the box next to your Amazon Pay balance before you may use the money. That sum will automatically be deducted from your total before you complete your transaction. Simply uncheck the option if you don’t want to keep the remainder for later use.

All About Audible

Amazon’s Audible is a service for listening to books on a digital device. It has the largest library of audiobooks in the world, including everything from classics to recent releases and even original podcasts.

A subscription to Audible allows users to download or listen to their preferred titles whenever they choose. In addition, one may listen to books read by a narrator, the writers themselves, famous actors and actresses, or a full audio cast.

How The Service Works

Each month of your membership, you will get a brand new audiobook. Audible offers several different membership options, each with a different monthly allotment of “credits” that you can use to purchase audiobooks.

However, you are not restricted to reading just one book every month. Many are freely accessible, but you can also purchase a huge catalog of books.

What Are The “Credits”

One audiobook costs one Audible credit, as the service’s internal currency is rather straightforward.

A basic membership costs $7.95 per month and allows you access to the service plus one token per month. Premium membership costs $14.95 per month and grants you access to the service plus two monthly tokens.

What’s wonderful about Audible is that they offer a rollover system. So if you have a busy month and don’t get to utilize your monthly credit, you can carry it over to the next one. But you should know that unused credit expires after a year.

How To Access Audible

Audible is accessible via any internet browser if you are on your computer. However, installing the app on your phone is the easiest way to listen to the service. That way, you can control the pacing of the books to your taste.

Audible is accessible in almost every country in the world. That being said, each national market has a select library with books you can listen to. You can also find books in other languages, which is excellent if you are practicing your listening abilities.

Two Ways Of Getting Books

You can choose between the Kindle, Paperback, and Audio Download after conducting a standard book search and clicking on the result.

There should be a price or “1 credit” as an option to buy in the “Audio Download” box. That option will allow you to pay for the audiobook in full or with any remaining credits.

Payment Methods Accepted By Audible

Here is the golden information you have been looking for. Audible accepts plenty of payment methods, such as:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Amazon Store Card
  • Amazon Secured Private Label Credit Card (PLCC)

As you can see, Audible does not accept PayPal or other digital wallets. Also, it does not mention any support for Amazon Gift Cards. But it does mention Amazon Store Card.

Perhaps you are confused by the meaning of each term. We will clear that up.

Amazon Gift Card And Amazon Store Card

Some customers get confused by the difference between these products: Amazon Gift Card and Amazon Store Card.

The Amazon Gift Card is a simple voucher similar to the ones you can get from plenty of other retailers.

On the other hand, the Amazon Store Card is a credit card developed by Amazon and issued by Synchrony Bank. It has many benefits, such as promotional discounts on the site and a Gift Card upon approval.

Amazon’s Credit Cards

It is worth noting that the Amazon Store Card is not the only credit card you can get from Amazon. Amazon has two more credit cards available for customers: Amazon Rewards Visa Card and Amazon Secured Card.

Each one has different benefits and terms upon approval. However, they all have in common that neither charges annual fees.

Returning To The Main Question

We hope that we have cleared up the confusion. Although Audible is an Amazon company, it is not part of the range of services that accept Amazon Gift Cards.

When you want to subscribe to Audible, you still need some other payment method. Thus, you must enter your credit card details if you want to give someone an Audible subscription.

Other users might want to know the following: can you use an Amazon gift card for audible credits? Unfortunately, that is also not feasible.

What We Learned

Can you use Amazon gift card for Audible? No, you can’t use Amazon Gift cards to pay for an Audible subscription. You also can’t use Amazon Gift cards to buy credits on the service.

To enjoy an Audible subscription, you must resort to a usual payment method, such as a credit card. In that case, you can use credit cards from Amazon.

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