Musical Instruments, our latest box theme!

Friday 16th November 2018


This week's box is all about musical instruments which means lots of noise, lots of fun and lots of learning!

Did you know that exposure to music and lots of different sounds is a great tool for helping your children develop and make sense of the world? Musical play can aid development in most areas such as Expressive Arts and Design, Physical Development and communication and language as recognised by the EYFS (

It improves listening skills and memory too... I always marvel at how well I can suddenly remember words to songs even if I haven’t listened to them in years! Yet when it comes to remembering the items on my shopping list that I’ve left at home or the password to everything on my laptop my mind constantly draws up blanks! Nursery rhymes are made up of key facts that children retain for years, even now I use songs to help me revise for uni by re-writing the lyrics to my favourite songs! Research has shown that by putting words to a melody, we learn things faster and retain the information for longer such as "ABC" and "1,2,3,4,5 once I caught a fish alive..."

The activities in this themed box have even better benefits than just being a fun way to pass your weekend! The harmonica activity is brilliant for helping children develop and strengthen their mouth muscles by blowing into it to make sounds, this will in turn aid their speech and pronunciation. The Jangly Spin Drum utilises fine motor movements in the wrist whilst the Clicking Castanets help children explore their sense of “self” by using their own handprints. A great way to test memory and listening is to clap a rhythm with your hands for your child to repeat using the castanet you could swap roles and get them to click a beat for you to repeat back too! The Crackling Kebabs, are not only delicious but offer a fabulous sensory experience through sound, texture and taste!!


As well as ideal for making lots of loud noise, the instruments can also have a soothing effect, ask your child to explore fast and slow tempos as well as loud and quiet (enjoy the peace whilst it lasts!). By playing different kinds of music to your children you can explore together which music sounds you both enjoy and how different music makes you feel. has lots more interesting information about the power of music!

I hope you have lots of fun!

Fran :)