Introducing... Fran! Our new Maker & Creator

Friday 28th September 2018

Fran Hi, my name is Fran and I am the brand new creator and maker of activities here at Weekend Box Club!

My background is in childcare and education; I have a foundation degree in Early Years Education and this year I am studying for a Degree in Childhood Studies... It's going to be busy! I have worked in a range of settings with children of varying ages from pre-schools and nurseries to out of school clubs and even summer camp in America! I am passionate about children getting the most out of their experiences and thought I’d share with you some reasons why Weekend Box is great for engaging your children...

It's Fun!

Never underestimate the power of fun! Children learn best when they are engaged and enjoying what they are doing. Play is an essential part of children’s development; it helps children form concepts, test ideas and push boundaries. Deeper and more meaningful learning occurs when a child’s interest is piqued. This is true for adults too; if you were forced to watch a documentary on TV about a subject that you had no interest in, you are less likely to engage with it and therefore learn anything.


On the other hand, a documentary that you have chosen on a subject that interests you is going to lead to further understanding. Because each Weekend Box is themed, it engages children’s interests and the range of activities included means there’s something to suit every child as well as new challenges to extend their learning.

It's Educational

Every activity included in Weekend Box will help develop different skills in your child; Baking introduces maths and science concepts from combining ingredients, counting amounts and creating a final product. Craft activities develop motor skills whilst allowing for expression and creativity.


Communication skills are promoted in our workbooks, introducing new vocabulary related to topics and themes as well as providing instructions for children to follow whether in picture or word form! When your next Weekend Box arrives, see how much your child progresses, you’ll be amazed at how much they take in from even the most basic of activities!

It's Social

By getting the family together to complete your Weekend Box, you are providing your child with a rich social context from which they can learn; role modelling has long been seen as an important tool for learning and you can aid this!


When children observe adults demonstrating certain behaviour, they are more likely to copy this behaviour. Next time you sit down with your child to complete an activity from Weekend Box think about the way you approach different tasks; Are you getting excited? Being enthusiastic? Do you get frustrated? Are you being patient? Observe your child, are they copying your behaviours? You might just find it fascinating (or frightening!)


If you'd like to email me about any of the content in this blog post, you can find me at

Lots of Love, Fran & the Weekend Box Team.