World Book Day Blog

Wednesday 6th March 2019

Hey There Bookworms!


In preparation for World Book day on Thursday 7th March we have created our "Super Stories" themed box to help engage children with the world of books, stories and imagination! As an avid reader myself (as well as having a vivid imagination) I think it’s really important to encourage children to read and enjoy stories for so many different reasons!

Be it be in books, newspapers, phones, TVs or advertising boards; reading is a part of life, in fact it is a necessity; Forget the fact that reading enhances your child’s learning in school and boosts their vocabulary, it also keeps them safe; next time you’re out and about count how many danger or warning signs you notice as well as the amount of instructions or facts that you read in order to complete tasks.


Reading is also good for the soul (and the brain): listening to and reading stories develop children’s imaginations which help them express themselves and their emotions as well as their creativity (which flourishes when completing the activities in your Weekend Box!). Reading books is a great way of calming down, relaxing and unwinding; personally, there is nothing better after a busy day of crafting and creating then curling up with my book for 30 minutes and escaping into another world! Following the journeys of characters also helps children develop personal skills such as empathy and emotional understanding which help build relationships in later life.


Now, don't get me wrong; there is a big difference in getting your child interested in reading and forcing them to read; don’t go placing a copy of War and Peace into their hands at the age of 3 and expect anything less than for them to chew the top corner and scribble all over the front page with felt tips. Instead, buy age-appropriate books with lots of pictures, make time to read to your children specifically but even out and about point out and read sings or adverts. When you are reading to them, trace your finger along the words as this start to gage their attention towards the words and the sounds that you’re making. Encourage them to make-up stories and help them write them down or act them out.


Have a sneaky look at for lots of ideas and inspiration to help aid your child’s reading and get them involved with World Book Day.

Don't forget to share pictures of your Super Stories creations on our social media pages and be in with a chance of being our "Monthly Hero", we’d also love to see your fancy dress costumes if you are dressing up for school or nursery!

Have fun!

Love from Fran & the Weekend Box Team