Bonus Crafty Christmas Gifts!

Thursday 7th December 2017

Christmas is almost here! If you're struggling for a few cheap and crafty gift ideas then you have come to the right place. We've got two extra crafts for you this week so that you can make some last minute gifts for those that you have forgotten to buy for.

Candy Cane Rudolph


This little craft is great for your child's school or nursery friends as it's cheap, simple and easy. Simply wrap some brown wool around two back to back candy canes and tie off the wool at the end. Add some googly eyes and glue on a little red pom pom nose and you're done!

Glittery Snowflake Decoration


Christmas tree decorations are always a good idea for last minute presents and these DIY glitter snowflakes are perfect! You will need a PVA glue pen for this one. Draw out a snowflake design in marker pen onto either some baking parchment or greaseproof paper (we actually used sticky back plastic!) and draw over the design in PVA glue.

Make sure the lines are thick and that you include a little circle at the top of the snowflake to string some ribbon through. Once the design is drawn out the fun part comes... Glitter! Grab your favourite coloured glitter and sprinkle until the snowflake is completely covered.

Next you will need some patience (as much as 24 hours!) for the glue to fully dry. Carefully dust off the glitter that isn’t stuck, peel the snowflake off of the paper and string it on to some ribbon. If you carefully wrap it up as a present, you’ve got a cheap and easy gift sorted!

From Your Box: Snowflake Garland Templates

If you've come here looking for some snowflake template ideas for the Make activity in your Weekend Box, look no further.

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We hope that you enjoy both your festive themed Weekend Boxes and these extra bonus crafts - Merry Christmas!