Mischevious Monster Activities for Children

Friday 20th July 2018

This week we're turning fruit into creatures... again! Our Apple Monster Mouths are sure to make healthy snack time more fun. With a few other monstrous activity ideas too, our monster friends really have been inspiring us this week here at Weekend Box Towers!

Apple Monster Mouths


For this little snack idea you'll need some apples, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, strawberries and our new favourite thing, edible eyes! These can be bought online or in some bigger supermarkets - aren't they cool?!

First cut your apple into quarters and then carefully cut out a segment from the middle of each of these quarters. Now your own little monsters can start helping!

Simply fill the 'mouth' with peanut butter, slide in a slice of strawberry for the tongue and push in a few sunflower seeds for the teeth. Use the peanut butter to stick on the edible eyes and you're done! Snack time made easy.

Are you a monster mover?

Your little ones can become monster movers with Justin and his gang over at Justin’s House! Teach your kids some monster moves with this song and dance.

Learn Justin's Monster Moves »

Lollipop Stick Monster


These lollipop stick monsters are an easy (not to mention cheap!) little craft to try at home.

Use PVA glue to stick one small lollipop stick horizontally across the back of 5 or 6 larger lollipop sticks standing vertically. This should hold them all together and form the body of your monster.

Decorate and go wild! Try gems, glitter, colouring in or googly eyes. You can make as many as you like with as many different features as you like - anything goes when it comes to monsters!

We hope we've managed to make monsters seem a little less scary and a little more friendly for your little ones this week. Be sure to share your crafty creations to our Facebook page

Love, the Weekend Box Team.