Top World Cup Activities for Children

Wednesday 11th July 2018

#Itscominghome. And so will the fun with these activities! World Cup fever has truly gripped the nation, and with the finals so close it’s great to get your kids involved in the festivities. These great activities will help get your child involved in the fun.

Printable Player Puppets

Fun and super simple to make! These finger puppets will have your kids entertained for hours as they play out their very own finals. Just print off the PDF and cut the players out, leaving holes for fingers. Back the players onto card, and colour in. Slip your first and second fingers through the holes and use your fingers as legs.

Download Template »

Penalty Shoot-Out

Create your own intense penalty shoot-out simply using straws to create goals. The puppet players listed above can be included in this activity for extra fun. For a ball, you can use anything from a cherry tomato to a marble!


Flag Cupcakes

1 Credit: Good To Know

To create your own flag cupcakes simply bake a batch of cupcakes (or buy pre-made cupcakes - we won't tell!) and use icing to decorate with the flags. We recommend using fondant in order to easily create the designs. These will help your kids learn the flags of the world whilst also creating a delicious match-time treat.

Love, the Weekend Box Team.