Half Term Hearts & Crafts!

Friday 15th February 2019

Love is in the air and positivity is flowing; we've celebrated Valentines Day, the nights are getting lighter and if the weather in the North East is anything to go by the temperature is creeping up (albeit very very slightly). It's also half-term next week which means the children are cheering out loud whilst you are potentially screaming inside at the prospect of having to entertain them for a whole week(!)


Well never fear because Weekend Box is here! Our current Hearts and Crafts theme box has lots of fun activities to help promote love and gratitude to friends and families. Since we are spreading the love we have decided to send you some bonus half-term activities for you to try... We know though that this may not last the week so here are our top half term activities for you to try...

Celery Heart Stamping


Celery Heart Stamping: Continuing with the heart theme, this is a simple and great activity to keep kids occupied for a while. Use some celery sticks to dip into paint, when pressed onto paper, the shapes look like hearts, awwwww! Encourage children to make pictures using a heart pattern and use different colours. This is a great activity to introduce painting to children who don’t like getting their own hands messy & may keep hunger pangs at bay (if only for 5 minutes) as they can eat celery whilst they work (not the sticks covered in paint though!) You could even try using edible spreads instead of paint to see which ones make the best marks such as jam, hummus or salsa!

Heart-Shaped Play Dough


We know the weather can be temperamental this time of year so if you’re forced to stay inside, rather than watching The Greatest Showman for the 100th time, get experimenting with this fizzing dough activity. Make some dough by mixing together 1/2 a cup corn flour, 1/2 cup bicarbonate of soda and 1/4 of a cup hair conditioner…trust me this will smell incredible! Knead it until it is soft but not sticky (add more corn flour if this is the case). You can add glitter and food colouring as well if you want to jazz up your dough! Your children can play with this for a while as it’s a great sensory experience. To continue the hearts and crafts theme encourage your child to shape the play dough into lots of hearts, then grab some vinegar and a spoon and drop little amounts of vinegar onto each heart... watch as they burst full of love! The dough will fizz and bubble which is great fun for children to watch and experience!

Go for a Nature Walk


For when you've had enough of being cooped up in the house, wrap up and go for a nature walk. February is the beginning of the bird nesting season so count how many birds nests you can find out and about and help your children identify the different materials that birds have used to make their nests. Encourage your children to find materials and construct their own birds nests!

February Apron & Hat Offer


Crafting is fun but can be messy at times! Our Weekend Box aprons and chef hats are perfect for painting, glueing, cooking and much more! These are normally £9.99 each but for a limited time you can buy both for £17.98 with free personalisation! Find out more by clicking through to the Club Shop below!

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We hope you have a great half term! Don’t forget to take part in our Monthly Hero competition by posting/sharing to share your pictures of your Weekend Box crafts on our social media!

Fran & the Weekend Box Team