Christmas Planning Bonus Crafts!

Thursday 23rd November 2017

It's Nearly Christmaaaaaaaaaas!

With the festive season upon us, we decided that mid-November was as good a time as any to get planning for a fabulous craft-filled Christmas. Despite the fact we have been bombarded with Christmas products in the shops since early September, why not try our bonus crafts with your little ones to add a more personal touch to your Christmas this year?

Extra Special Gift Wrap


This is perhaps not an idea for every single present, but making your own gift wrap is a lovely way to show that bit of extra effort for a few special faves! We cut out a holly leaf shape and circle shape from some cheap sponges and got printing onto brown packing paper! With red and green paint spread out on paper plates, we sponge printed on the holly and berries and sprinkled some glitter over for the perfect finish - it’s as easy as that!

Little Snowmen


These cute little snowmen pegs are oh so simple and are great for clipping up cards, clipping onto the tree as a decoration, or even just for playing with! Start by painting your wooden peg white and letting it dry completely. Use a black marker pen to draw on some eyes, a mouth and some buttons, and tie some wool around his neck for a scarf. Glue on a tiny orange pom pom or some orange paper for a nose and you're done!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, we hope that you are finding some time to relax and enjoy the run up to the Christmas holidays - and that these extra crafts keep your little ones entertained for that little bit longer!