Survey reveals that a third of UK parents have less than 10 hours a week to spend with their children

Monday 2nd July 2018

A third of UK parents have less than 10 hours a week to spend with their children, which equates to just over 1 hour each day.

Our annual survey revealed that 88% of parents wished they had more quality time to spend with their children. The pressures of modern living dictate that finding quality time to spend together is proving difficult.

We asked our subscribers and the general public to complete this survey to get an idea of how parents juggle quality time with their family and modern day living.

The results from the same survey in 2016 provide an interesting comparison.


The survey of more than 1200 parents revealed that the biggest challenges to spending more quality time with their children are as follows:

  • Up 9% from 2016, 74% of parents state that they struggle with coming up with inspirational ideas and activities.
  • 94% of UK parents agree that having easy access to ideas and resources would enable more quality time with their child. This is up 5% from 2016.
  • With an increase of 7% from 2016, 59% agree that it takes so long to plan activities that they run out of time to actually do the activity.

Fun and variety is the top thing UK parents look for in activities. Every day, parents are faced with the task of finding fun, stimulating and educational activities for their little ones after school and at the weekend.

At Weekend Box we aim to provide easy resources for the 74% of parents who struggle to find original things to do.

And for the 96% of parents who feel that they are responsible for finding stimulating activities, Weekend Box Club solves that problem by providing all of the necessary resources for a variety of activities. Not just crafting but making, baking, planting and up-cycling.

Most parents said that they had 10-20 hours available to spend quality time with their children each week, and most of these wished they had more.

More than half said they often ran out of time to actually enjoy an activity after having to plan it. And 94% said if they had access to resources, they would spend more quality time with their children.

Andy Stephenson who founded the company in 2013, said: "The survey has shown that parents really do want to spend time with their children but just need a helping hand in finding things to do".

"They want something to hand, something ready and something fun, low cost and stimulating which promotes their child’s development - all of which Weekend Box answers for them."

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Love, the Weekend Box Team.