Farmyard Fun - This week's bonus crafts

Friday 10th November 2017

For the Kids:

This week we're looking to our friendly farmyard friends for some crafty inspiration. After you've completed all the activities in your Weekend Box, why don't you try playing farms with the characters that you've made? Can you give your horse a name and make it gallop around by moving its peg legs?

Why don't you try making the noises of some farm animals too? This video shows you some great pictures of farm animals with their names and noises!

Why don’t you also try listening to these poems about farm animals?


Extra Crafts

We’ve come up with two extra craft ideas for you and your little ones this week, so check out our ideas below.

1. Life Cycle of a Chicken

Rsz img 1819

For this activity you can use any materials that you have lying around the house - even just coloured pens if you can't find the materials that we’ve used! Our egg is made of paper and folded up pieces of brown card, with some cute googly eyes for when it's about to hatch. The baby chick is made of tissue paper, and the fully grown chicken uses a painted handprint. You can then start the debate with your kids about which came first, the chicken or the egg!

2. Handprint Duck

Rsz img 1815

Your kids will love getting messy by painting their hands and printing their handprint for this duck craft. Pieces of card, paper or tissue paper make for a great duck’s head, and again back to the google eyes for the duck’s face. Add some feathers for the finishing touch and the masterpiece is complete!