Make A 2019 Desk Calendar!

Friday 21st December 2018


Hi Everyone!

I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas holiday and enjoy your Party Time Boxes! If, after all the present opening, chocolate eating, toy playing and of course Weekend Box Crafting, your children still aren't completely drained then we've got just the craft for you!


Use your mini calendars from the Party Time box to make a 2019 Calendar, perfect for sitting on your desk or workbench at home!

Cut the two flaps off of your weekend box and tape them together along one edge. Sit one flat on the table and bend the other upwards so it sits sightly diagonally, then cut a strip from the Weekend Box to stick to both flaps in order to support the standing one.


Next, find a sheet of paper and cut it down to A5 size (148 x 210mm), make handprints on the paper using paint. Sadly my giant hands were too big for the paper, but your little angels' handprints will look much cuter! Stick this sheet onto the front of your Weekend Box structure and then stick on the mini calendar at the bottom. Et Volia! Now you have a mini desk calendar and no excuse for missing that lunch date on Thursday!

Happy New Year!

Fran :)
Maker & Creator