Pirates - Bonus Blog Activities

Friday 25th May 2018

Ahoy there! This week we are grabbing our treasure map and heading off to treasure island with our pirate friends. Pirates is a great theme for crafting and activities, with tonnes of potential for gold, glitter and pirate ships! We’ve got an fun extra craft for you here along with a few other ideas - read on to find out more.

Egg Box Treasure Chest


This craft is great as it is based around a recycled household object - an egg box! Make sure it's cardboard and not plastic. You will also need some glue, some gems, glitter and gold paint. You can really use anything you have to hand.

Cover your egg box in gold paint and wait for it to dry, before decorating the box with the glitter and gems. You could try using some tin foil or bits of old jewellery to really bling it up! Make sure to draw on a lock for your treasure chest.

Finally it’s time to fill up the box. What treasure are you going to keep in it?!


Have you ever watched Swashbuckle?

This Cbeebies programme is AWESOME! We’ve found this playlist of songs from the pirate-loving tv show for you to dance along to as you make your crafts this week. Ahargh me hearties!

Pirate Party Games


Have you ever fancied a pirate themed birthday party? There's some great ideas out there for snacks and games to make for a great day of fun - again, the Cbeebies website has loads! Our favourite was this "Pin the Eyepatch on the Pirate" game, why don’t you have a go?!

We hope you enjoyed our swashbuckling theme this week. See you soon!

Love, the Weekend Box Team.