Ancient Egyptians Bonus Activities!

Friday 19th January 2018

This week we are going to further our exploration of the wonderful Ancient Egyptians - did you know that both Egyptian men and women wore make up? It was thought to have healing powers, plus it helped protect their skin from the sun. But enough fun facts, it's time to get crafty!

Hieroglyphic Alphabet

If you're here for the full hieroglyphic alphabet promised to you in your 'Egyptian Scroll' activity this week, look no further! Click the link below to help you write some cryptic messages in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Download Hieroglyphic Alphabet »

Honey Biscuits Recipe


In your boxes this week you will have made some Sweet Honey Biscuits. Want to make more? We've included the full recipe below if you wish to use your own ingredients and bake full quantities. Simply use the exact same instructions on the recipe card but with the amounts specified below.

Gold Egyptian Arm Cuff

Look at this cool Egyptian bracelet! For this you will need a toilet roll holder. First cut it in half, and then cut down the length of it so that you can slip it onto your arm. Now it's time to decorate the bracelet. We covered a length of wool in PVA glue and made a swirly pattern. We then scrunched up paper and wrapped it around the top and bottom. PVA glue also worked to stick on some little stones we found in the garden, however you can decorate your arm cuff as you wish!


After it dries, paint the whole thing with gold paint. Doesn't that look great?! The Egyptians did love their jewellery!


Sugar Cube Pyramid

This is super simple but looks really effective. Simply pile up some white sugar cubes in a pyramid shape and spray paint them gold with spray paint. Your Egyptian centrepiece is complete.


We hope you enjoyed our Ancient Egyptians box and these accompanying activities. Be sure to come back after your next box for some more blog-tastic inspiration!