5 Ways to Transform 'Quiet Time' with the Kids

Friday 29th July 2016

1 - Collaborate on a journal!

Write a note for them each morning, and every afternoon let them spend some quiet time writing their replies. Even better, make it a scrapbook record of the summer by cutting and sticking in interesting drawings, pictures and finds from the day.

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2 - Get silly with the family photo album

Some plastic document pockets, a ring-binder, dry-wipe pens and some print-outs of family photos, and you’ve got yourself a doodle-proof photo album. Perfect for sick-days or a few minutes of quiet time drawing moustaches and an eye-patch on dad’s grinning mug. Just wipe clean when finished!

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3 - Get crafty with sensory play

Glitter dough, glow-in-the-dark chalk, slime in every form imaginable - the possibilities are endless! We love this lavender-scented play dough, made using only three ingredients, as a way to wind down at the end of an exciting day.



4 - Move, stretch and wind down with a kids' yoga routine

Kids yoga is increasingly popular in schools and pre-schools as a means of encouraging kids to get active and de-stress, while igniting their imaginations. Check out Cosmic Kids Yoga for a great bank of free yoga, mindfulness and meditation videos created specifically for kids.

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5 - Work through a Weekend Box!

Our boxes are specially designed to inspire kids and grown-ups to spend quality time together crafting, cooking, exploring and more! Join the club, and get your first personalised box now.

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