Dragons & Unicorns - Bonus Blog Activities

Friday 27th April 2018

This week it's time for magical dragons and mystical unicorns! These mythical creatures might not be real, but they sure do make for some fantastic crafts. Enjoy!


Tissue Paper Fire Breathing Dragon!

This fire breathing dragon is really easy and makes for hours of fire-breathing fun after you’ve made it. All you will need is a toilet roll tube, green paint, some tissue paper, googly eyes, pom poms and glue.

First paint your toilet roll tube green. You might want to mix in yellow paint as well to get some different shades of green in there! Once it has dried, cut some yellow, orange and red tissue paper into strips and glue them to the inside end of the tube. Finish your dragon off by drawing on some nostrils and sticking on two pom poms with googly eyes. Blow through the tube and watch the flames come to life!

Unicorn Greetings Card


Unicorns have been everywhere recently, and so a unicorn greetings card seemed a very fitting activity to accompany our Dragons and Unicorns themed box!

All you will need is some glitter and some glue - you might even have some left over from your box.

Spread some glue in the shape of a unicorn's horn and two ears. Cover the glue in two different colours of glitter and draw on some eyes. You could even write on the front of the card if you want to!

Become a Unicorn!

If you want to take things a step further and become a unicorn yourself, why don't you follow this tutorial to make a unicorn headband?

Become A Unicorn »

Hope you enjoy these mythical activities. Have a great week!

Love, the Weekend Box Team.