Winnie the Pooh Appreciation Day!

Thursday 18th January 2018

It's Winnie the Pooh Appreciation Day! And no, we didn't know it existed either. But once we found out there was a day dedicated to everyone's favourite cute and cuddly bear, we had to mark the occasion - with some themed crafts of course!

The day is celebrated on the 18th January on the birthday of Winnie the Pooh author A.A. Milne, so why don't you have a go at one or two of these crafts to celebrate?

Winnie the Pooh Paper Plate

Back to our favourites, paper plates and paint! Simply paint a plate yellow for Pooh's face and add some little pom poms for his ears. Use black card or foam for his features and stick them down. Easy peasy.


Eeyore Plate Craft


Another paper plate craft now, this time in the form of old Eeyore. Cut the sides off of your plate to create some ears, and paint the plate pieces in blue and purple to form his face. Stick down some white card with black tops for the eyes, and some black card for a little bit of fur on top of his head. Glue all the pieces together and you’re done.

Pooh and Piglet Footprints


Isn't this just the cutest keepsake?! Paint one of your little one's feet and one of your own, then print your feet onto some white card. Paint on some little ears for Pooh and Piglet and write a lovely sentimental message next to it.

Phewsh! You're all done. Now it's time to relax and eat some honey in true Winnie the Pooh style!