Out Of Space - Bonus Blog Activities

Friday 13th April 2018

This week we are immersing ourselves in the world of outer space. Whether you fancy making some rice cake moon snacks, getting messy with paint and shaving foam, or singing along to the solar system song, we've got something for everyone in this blog post!

Nut Free Recipe - Moon Bites

If you came here looking for a nut free alternative to the recipe in this week’s box, look no further! Click the link here to view the recipe.

Download Nut Free Recipe »

Marble Paint Planets


This cool craft can be repeated again and again with different colours to create a whole solar system full of wonderful planets! All you will need is some acrylic paint, shaving foam and paper.

Simply squirt out the shaving foam onto a washable surface (we used a cake tin!) and then pour some different colours of acrylic paint on it as shown.

Use your fingers or some cocktail sticks to swirl the colours about. Get some circles of white paper and press them lightly on top of the shaving foam and paint. Peel them off. Look at that cool marble effect! Now leave them to dry and stick them on some black card to create a cool intergalactic picture.

Song break!

Take a break from all your crafting to learn a bit more about the solar system with a cool song! Whoever said learning was boring?!

Edible Moon Snacks


These snacks are healthy, tasty and easy to make! All you have to do is spread a small amount of peanut butter or cream cheese onto a rice cake to create the moon base. Add some craters to the moon made out of thin banana slices and cheerios - it really is as simple as that!


Build your own Rocket!

As a final activity, why don’t you try building your own virtual rocket on the Nasa website?

Build a Virtual Rocket »

There’s loads to do this week, so we hope you enjoy going to infinity… and beyond!

Love, the Weekend Box Team.