Superb Extra Superhero Crafts!

Monday 8th January 2018

The bonus crafts are back, and this week we've returned to our favourite activity - painting! Don't panic though, with some simple handprint superheroes and a super shield to make, your little ones shouldn't be getting too messy.

Captain America Paper Plate Shield

All you need for this is a paper plate, some red and blue paint, and some white paper. Paint the rim of the plate red, leave a white gap, and then the whole middle red. Paint a circle of white paper blue and wait for it to dry. Cut a star out of the white paper. Once it’s dry, stick the blue circle in the middle of the plate and the white star on the circle. Tape some string to the back to hold your shield and you're done!


Superhero Handprints


These cool handprints can be turned into whichever superhero you like! As you can see here, we’ve tried with the Hulk, Captain America and of course, Spiderman! Simply paint your hand (we used a sponge to cover our hand in paint as it’s really fun!) and print onto sheets of A5 paper. Use a black marker to decorate the faces as you wish - use our designs or make your own!

We hope this week's box and blog post have fired up your imagination and encouraged your little ones to harness their superpowers and have some fun!