Wonderful Weather Bonus Experiments!

Wednesday 27th December 2017

This week your Weekend Boxes have been packed with cool crafts surrounding the theme of weather. Over here on your bonus blog post we've been thinking about some cool weather-related experiments you can try.

How Rain Works

First we are looking at an experiment which will show you how rain works! All you will need is a glass, some blue food colouring and shaving foam. Make sure you use shaving foam not shaving gel, as this will work most effectively. Fill your glass half full with water and squirt some shaving foam on top. Carefully drizzle the food colouring over the top of the shaving foam, and watch as it filters through the foam - it should make some pretty patterns in the water!


If it is struggling to filter through, make a small hole in the foam with a stick or the end of a spoon. The water represents the air and the shaving foam is the clouds. As you can see, the rain falls through the clouds and into the air! Have a go with different colours of food colouring for some rainbow rain - beautiful!


Beautiful Rainbows


This second experiment makes a beautiful rainbow effect using skittles. All you will need is a plate, a bag of skittles and some warm water. Place your skittles in a circle around the outside of the plate and carefully pour a tiny bit of warm water in the middle, just enough so that it touches the skittles. Now's the waiting game - watch as the colour from the skittles spreads into the middle of the plate. Magic!