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Paddington 2 - Crafts and Cakes

Monday 13th November 2017
Paddington 2

We've gone Paddington mad here at Weekend Box Towers this week with 3 bonus blog activities for you to complete. We've got two crafts and a cooking activity, so grab your blue duffle coat and red hat to get into character and it's time to get crafty!

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Farmyard Fun - This week's bonus crafts

Friday 10th November 2017
Rsz img 1815

This week we're looking to our friendly farmyard friends for some crafty inspiration. After you've completed all the activities in your Weekend Box, why don't you try playing farms with the characters that you've made...

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Gift Wink: our favourite new discovery!

Tuesday 9th August 2016
Happy Girl 2016 07 04

We love a good birthday party (or really any occasion that brings cake, cheese and pineapple hedgehogs, and the opportunity to make edible jewellery out of Hula Hoops)...

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5 Ways to Transform 'Quiet Time' with the Kids

Friday 29th July 2016
Screen Shot 2016 07 29 at 10 24 09

If you've succeeded in arranging a packed schedule for every day of the summer holiday both you and the kids are probably in dire need of some wind-down time at the end of every day. With that in mind, we've put together some great, creative ways to fit some quiet time into your day...

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5 ways to get kids making, baking, exploring & more this weekend.

Tuesday 26th July 2016
DSC 6315

If the kids are starting to look a little square-eyed (or if you’re just looking for some cheap, easy ways to get them active and engaged), we’ve rounded up five sure-fire ways to get them excited about the world beyond the screen...

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5 Things under £5 to do with the kids this summer

Wednesday 20th July 2016
Fly high sm

There are two things that are absolutely guaranteed to get us excited in the Weekend Box offices right now: 

  1. The fact that it’s now officially summer, and therefore acceptable to class strawberry ice cream floats as one of our five a day.
  2. Any form of summer activity for the kids that doesn't cost an arm, a leg, and a second mortgage. We quite like our limbs the way they are thank you very much.

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